👩‍🏫  recommended by teaching professionals

As a creator of stories for young people, I appreciate how engaging and creative Tappity is. The interactive nature of the app lets kids learn about science in a fun, immersive way.
— Parker Peevyhouse, Author of The Echo Room
This app is so engaging while teaching kids a variety of science topics. The narration and interactive features make it ideal for a wide range of ages. As a Kindergarten teacher, I’ll be sharing this app with parents and am excited to incorporate it into my lessons!
— Liliana Castillo, Kindergarten Teacher
I’m a teacher at a competitive private school. I’m always worried about preparing my children for the school’s high standards. This app has been a perfect way to keep them immersed in education and interested in science!
— Chad Bishop, Teacher

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I love that this app is educational. My kid loves using it and quickly figured out how to proceed through the stories on his own. He keeps asking for more.
— Mother
This is a great app for kids to learn while having fun. It is interactive, engaging and it has high quality content. My 6 year old daughter loves learning with this app.
— Father
My nieces and nephews can’t stop doing these fun stories. The Narration is very well done, and reminds me of an interactive Planet Earth!
— Uncle