About us

Chad Swenson

Chad has spent the last 8 years designing educational tools, applications, and games. Driven by a passion for knowledge, Chad pursued a degree in computer science, and since then, has been unable to stop both learning and teaching.

Russ Nickel

Russ works as both a writer and an educator. He's written movies, TV, video games, short stories, and, of course, science lessons, and he's currently a professor at multiple colleges. As a NASA-trained Stanford graduate, Russ's love of science couldn't be greater.

Lawrence Tran

Our resident product expert, Lawrence has spent years managing a variety of apps to ensure that they meet the highest standards. A Stanford graduate, he studied both economics and early education, learning exactly what works and what doesn't when it comes to student learning.

Haley McHugh

With over 10 years of experience teaching kids and working with parents, Haley is a childhood entertainment expert. She's crafted stories and performed for children all over the country, traveling from city to city in order to inject a much-needed burst of inspiration into schools seeking new ways to excite their students.

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