Spark Curiosity for a Lifelong Pursuit of Knowledge


Science: The key to the future

We at Tappity believe that a deeper understanding of science leads to a more prosperous world. By getting kids excited about learning early in life, Tappity helps children develop the tools and enthusiasm they'll need not only to succeed but also to make a real impact on humanity as a whole.

Interactivity: A new model

Existing products often fail to teach science in a way that truly engages students. In an era of endless entertainment a mere button-click away, educational tools need to step up their game in order to compete for attention. That's where Tappity comes in.

Fun: A melding of content

Learning should be fun! But all too often, kids would rather waste their time on their iPads than do something educational. Tappity lets them do both. Thanks to the melding of entertainment and education, kids love Tappity because they get iPad time, and parents can rest easy knowing that all those iPad hours are having a positive impact on their child’s future.