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Our content is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards for K-5th Grade.

Education, not zombification


Screen time sometimes gets a bad rep for turning kids into zombies 🧟. Tappity, on the other hand, keeps your child fully engaged with focused, interactive lessons.


Let your child freely explore

We believe in nurturing your child’s natural curiosity, which is why your child gets full control over what they want to explore and learn inside Tappity.

P.S. They might just happen to discover new interests along the way!


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How they’ll learn


Experiments—just a tap away

Your child gets to run real experiments on their own by telling Haley exactly how to proceed at every step of the scientific method: from question to result.

(And there’s no set-up work required!)


Hands-on play on every page

Your child will want to touch everything they see. Not a problem! In fact, all of our lessons incorporate fun and engaging interactions because we believe they help a child develop a deeper understanding of what they’re learning.


Interactive challenge questions

With Tappity, your child also gets a chance to demonstrate what they’ve learned after each lesson with Haley’s series of game shows.


Stay in the loop

But Tappity isn’t just for kids. We also send you discussion topics whenever your child achieves learning milestones, perfect for sparking fun dinner-table conversation.

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Try out over 15 lessons for free!


Safe for kids

  • No ads

  • No surprise purchases

  • No personal info stored

  • Offline access


What people are saying

This app is awesome! I am a teacher and parent. My child is learning so much from this app. She has developed a love of learning and Tappity has helped her to discuss and have conversations about the content she is interacting with.
— Alicia, Mother of a 4-year-old
This app is so engaging while teaching kids a variety of science topics. The narration and interactive features make it ideal for a wide range of ages. As a Kindergarten teacher, I’ll be sharing this app with parents and am excited to incorporate it into my lessons!
— Liliana Castillo, Kindergarten Teacher
My 6-year-old son has been super excited about Tappity. I, as a parent really love how I am sent an email detailing what he was learning and gives me questions I can discuss with him about what he learned.
— Erin, Mother of a 6-year-old

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Try out over 15 lessons for free!

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