Frequently asked questions

How much does Tappity cost?

Tappity is free to try! The first Tappity story in each world is free, and so is Tappity’s Weekly Game Show. To unlock the rest of our content, you will need a Tappity membership, which costs the following:

$7.99 per month

$14.99 for 3 months

$149.99 for lifetime

What type of content does Tappity have?

Our growing library contains over 200 experiments, games, lessons, videos, and more, all of which are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards. Tappity releases new content every 10 days, and new game shows come out every Sunday.

What age is Tappity best suited for?

Tappity’s content is designed for children ages 4 to 10, which aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards for K-5th grade. You can also customize the difficulty of the questions by selecting the age of your child during sign-up.

Should my child use Tappity with me?

It’s up to you! Tappity is designed to be suitable for children to navigate and understand its content without supervision. However, we also believe in the power of connecting with your child, so we send notifications to you with updates on their progress as well as discussion questions that you can discuss with your child.

How often does Tappity come out with new content?

We come out with new content every 10 days, and new Tappity Game Shows are released every Sunday. See our content schedule.

What devices is Tappity compatible with?

Tappity is currently available on the App Store for iPhones and iPads manufactured after 2014. Tappity for Android will be supported in the future. Follow our Instagram or Facebook page for more updates!

What do you mean Tappity is NGSS-aligned?

Based on research from the Framework for K-12 Science Education, the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) is the culmination of a collaborative, state-led initiative in the United States to provide all students with an internationally benchmarked science education. To help children succeed in and outside the classroom, Tappity has created science content that is aligned with these standards, with our own original twist.

Can I use Tappity on multiple devices?

Yes! When you subscribe to Tappity, you can access it on any device! All you have to do is log into Tappity with the email and password you used to create an account. You also must use the same Apple ID across these devices.

Can multiple children use Tappity on a single device?

We currently don’t support multiple users on a single account. However, it is something we’re looking into. That said, the lessons are all re-playable, so there’s nothing stopping you from letting each child make their way through the lessons.

How are my child’s pictures and artwork kept safe?

All your child’s artwork and pictures are saved to your device and are not stored on our servers or anywhere else.

Does Tappity offer discounts for educators?

Yes! Tappity is free for educators directly through Apple. You will need to ask your school’s IT department to download Tappity on your classroom’s devices. If you like, you can also send us an email with your .edu address, and we’ll set you up with a free lifetime membership.

I have other questions. How do we get in contact with Tappity?

You can email us at hey[at] or call us at (510) 384-8049.